Good-Bye Suzuki Swift

Pak Suzuki recently announced that in August 2021, it will put a full stop on Suzuki Swift’s production in Pakistan. The announcement also stated that the company aims to produce 2,432 AT NAV unites in one year, i.e. August 2020 to August 2021. Along with the AT NAV units, the company plans to produce 668 DLX NAV in this time frame.

The company issued a statement that clarified that the total production quantity won’t be different. However, the monthly quantity will depend on the consumer demand. The company said, “The last order from suppliers for imported material must be done according to the stock available at supplier’s premises”. It also stated that the pending orders and the stock at Pak Suzuki Motors Company Ltd (PSMC) shall be considered.

Suzuki Swift

This 1300 cc hatchback was launched in Pakistan in 2010. It was available in the International market since 2004. It had many improvements and the issues that were present in Liana, weren’t present in Suzuki Swift.

This modern hatchback didn’t have the most comfortable years following its launch. The rival was Suzuki Cultus. Later, Pak Suzuki had to discontinue it to divert the attention to Swift. There were 7000 units sold in the year 2011 to 2012. However, the sales saw a decline afterwards.

Pak Suzuki is said to have only sold 280 Swifts in 2020. A lot of factors are the culprit behind it. The pandemic, the Japanese cars, etc. All of these are responsible for decreasing Swift’s sale.

Therefore, Pak Suzuki had to take the unfortunate decision of discontinuing the production of Suzuki Swift. We hope that the company is able to replace it with an even better car that has huge demands in the consumer world. We have to wait until some time to see which car is introduced next.

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