Honda Atlas Raises Prices By Rs. 100,000

Another company has jumped into the bandwagon of those who have raised the prices of their vehicles. It is a considerable raise as it’s by Rs. 100,000. That’s massive, right?

Notification by Honda

The notification that was issued stated that the new prices shall be implemented from August 10th, 2020. The company also stated that these prices are Ex-Factory per unit inclusive of 17% sales tax and 5% FED applied on all Honda CKD Variants. The notification read, “Partial payment orders as on August 8th, 2020 will be delivered under new prices. The deposited payment instruments made in name of HACP till August 8th, 2020 will be acceptable for old rate.”

Change in prices

Turbo RS Rs. 4,500,000 Rs. 4,699,000 Rs. 100,000
Turbo Oriel Rs. 4,449,000 Rs. 4,349,000 Rs. 100,000
1.8L VT SR CVT Rs. 3,899,000 Rs. 3,979,000 Rs. 80,000
1.8L VTI CVT Rs. 3,649,000 Rs. 3,729,000 Rs. 80,000
1.3L MT Rs. 2,389,000 Rs. 2,449,000 Rs. 60,000
BR-V MT Rs. 3,079,000 Rs. 3,159,000 Rs. 80,000.
BR-V CVT Rs. 3239000 Rs. 3,319,000 Rs. 80,000.
BR-V S CVT Rs. 3,399,000 Rs. 3,479,000 Rs. 80,000

The new price of Turbo RS that costed Rs. 4,500,000 will now be priced at Rs. 4,699,000 with increase of Rs. 100,000. Turbo Oriel will now cost Rs4,449,000 whereas it costed Rs. 4,349,000 previously. 1.8L VT SR CVT and 1.8L VTI CVT cost Rs. 80,000 more than the old prices. They will cost Rs. 3,979,000 and Rs. 3,729,000, respectively. The 1.3L MT that costed Rs. 2,389,000 will now cost Rs2,449,000 after a jump of 60,000.

The 1.5 L MT, 1.5L AT, 1.5L Aspire MT and 1.5L Aspite AT have had their prices increased by Rs. 70,000 each. The prices of BR-V MT, BR-V CVT and BR-V S CVT have been raised by Rs80,000. They now cost Rs. 3,159,000, Rs. 3,319,000 and Rs. 3,479,000, respectively.

This year has been a destructive one for the auto industry. Auto manufacturers have been struggling to keep their businesses afloat. They are resorting to increasing the prices of their vehicles to make up for the decrease in sales overall. They are taking such measures in hopes of preventing their companies from going bankrupt.

Let’s hope that the auto industry comes out of the waters soon.

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