Honda CB 150F Vs Yamaha YBR 125G – A Detailed Comparison

Are you interested in bikes? Do you want to buy a bike with features that will help you on local roads while touring? Are you fed up with your old bike and want to upgrade? Are you searching for a better choice? Then Automoteve is here to help you make a better choice in between the Honda CB 150F and the Yamaha YBR 125G. Continue reading and we might end up helping you save your money and make the better decision.

Today, we are here to compare two bikes from highly top-notch companies with an amazing brand image: Honda and Yamaha. Whenever people in Pakistan talk about bikes, these brands are always preferred. Today, we will compare some of the features and pricing of Honda CB 150F and Yamaha YBR 125G. So, let us get into it.

Top Speed

Speed is the most thrilling feature for young bikers. If we talk about these bikes’ speed, they have elevated rates, but the YBR 125 G has an extra boost with 110-120Km/h while the CB 150F has 105-115Km/h. So, if you want speed, then YBR 125G is the best option. Both of these bikes are made for tours, and the difference in their speed can clarify your choice. What is your priority speed or anything else?


Both of these bikes have four-stroke engines, and both are single cylinder air-cooled. The CB 150F also has an inherent turbo and cooled engine with a balancer. This four-stroke engine increases the engine’s efficiency and consumes less fuel than a two-stroke engine. It is also environment friendly, and due to no use of lubricating oils; it does not produce pollution.

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Average Fuel Consumption

The average fuel consumption of Honda CB 150F is 25-35 KM/L, while Yamaha YBR 125G has an average fuel consumption of 57 KM/L. From here, you can see the difference in mileage. In the end, you will be able to decide easily which bike you want to buy. Average fuel consumption is also called mileage, and those bikes which consume less fuel and cover longer distances are preferred. So, here the Yamaha has superiority over the Honda.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

The next important thing that you need to know is the availability and cost of maintenance and spare parts in Pakistan. Both bikes, the CB 150F and the YBR 125G, have low-cost maintenance and the spare parts are available in Pakistan. But due to the local manufacturing, its quality is not equal to the original one. As you know, replacements cannot be better than the original.

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Fuel Tank Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of Honda CB 150F is 13 liters, while on the other hand, the fuel tank capacity of Yamaha YBR 125G is 12 liters, slightly less than the Honda CB 150F. Here the CB 150F has taken the lead. Both have carbureted fuel supply. The new CB 150F is self-start while the YBR 125G has an electric kick start.

Market Price of Honda CB 150F Vs Yamaha YBR 125G

Finally, the price is here. It depends on your budget and decision on which bike you want to buy, either Honda CB 150F or YBR 125G. The cost of the CB 150 F is around 2.44 to 2.56 lacs in the local market, and the price of the YBR 125G is approximately 1.97 to 2 lacs in the local market. So, now the choice will depend on your budget and needs.

Now you know some of the most important features and information you must be concerned about as an end consumer. In our opinion, the YBR 125G is preferable due to its low price and in-demand features. We also have another CB 150F in the market manufactured by Suzuki GS 150SE with similar features and pricing.

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Do let us know in the comments that how this blog helped you in making a better decision and spending your money on the right bike.

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