How To Clean Your Car’s Engine

Engine is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Thus, cleaning it is of utter significance. You can avoid going to the mechanic by cleaning your car’s engine yourself. All you have to do is follow the mentioned steps.

1. Pick a spot

Where is your car parked? In your garage or on a roadside? Wherever it is, if the mess from the engine cleaning session will end up in municipal drains, it doesn’t sound good. Hence, relocate your car to a spot like may be your local car wash or any area that will allow the waste to be disposed off without clogging any drains etc.

2. Protect electric parts

Use a plastic or bubble wrap to cover the electric components before you start cleaning the engine. Water shouldn’t reach those because that will ruin their performance.

3. Protect carburettor and air intake

Use an aluminium foil or a wrap to cover the carburettor components and the air intake. You can also tape this wrap to make sure it stays in place. This will prevent water infiltration.

4. Remove dirt and debris

Dirt and debris accumulates on the engine surfaces over time. Take a stiff-bristle brush to remove it completely.

5. Make a cleaning solution

Mix a gallon of water with two cups of liquid dish wash. Use a strong detergent but make sure it is safe for use on electric parts.

6. Jack your car up

To access the undercarriage of your car, you will need to jack your four-wheeler up. Keep in mind that it should be well-supported.

7. Clean the engine

You now have to clean every side and angle of your car’s engine with the cleaning solution you made. Use the cleaning brush to scrub the surfaces thoroughly. A pro tip is to clean the underside of the engine first, so it doesn’t get dripped on.

8. Rinse thoroughly

You can use a garden hose for this purpose. Rinse your car’s engine thoroughly.

9. Read your car’s manual

The owner’s manual usually has recommendations for the best cleaning agents you can use to get grease and dirt off the engine block along with other parts. Make sure to follow them, so you don’t end up destroying any parts.

10. Rinse your engine

It’s time to wash the engine. Just rinse the entire engine and other parts thoroughly.

11. Remove the wraps

Take off all the protective wraps and covers.

12. Rev the engine

Now you can listen to the clean engine purr! Just start your engine and it will dry any remaining moisture.

Aren’t these 12 steps easier to carry out yourself rather than spending money on a mechanic visit? Try them out.

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