How To Get Your Car Ready For Drifting

Do you know what drifting is? Do you ever see people rotating their cars on the street at night? Have you ever dreamt of having such a car? If the answer is YES, then Automoteve can help you transform your ordinary car into your dream car. Almost all the cars that are used in drifting undergo modification to some degree. So, check your budget and invest in your car. Today, we are going to discuss some major changes that you must do before you get on it. So, let us get started.

Club’s Rules and Regulations

To learn the art, you must join a specialized club and practice in a safe environment. But unfortunately, in Pakistan, we do not have awareness about it and boys are mostly drifting on streets with no safety precautions. In professional clubs, there are some requirements, and the car is first checked by a trained professional to ensure that all safety requirements are fulfilled.

Installation of a Fire Extinguisher

The most important thing in your checklist should be a fire extinguisher as drifting involves a lot of friction and traction, so heat is produced, and your tyres can catch fire. So, having a fire extinguisher in place should be the top priority. So, be smart and fulfil the safety requirements because life is more important than adventure and adrenaline rush.

E-brakes or Hydraulic Brakes

The street brakes that are already present in your car are perfect for driving smoothly on the motorway, but you must apply strong brakes to obstruct the rear tyres. This will create more force, and the car will drift perfectly. E-brakes and hydraulic brakes are highly recommended for such purposes. The normal brakes that are already installed in your car will not help you, but these brakes will make your drifting experience more valuable.

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Installation of Tow-hooks

You must be thinking, why tow-hooks? Yes, tow-hooks are for precautionary measures and should be installed on the front and back of the car. This will not deteriorate your car’s majestic beauty but will help you whenever your car goes off track. The other car on the track can help you by towing. So, do not think much and do this modification. You will thank us later.

Installation of Metal Sheets

You must install a metal sheet-shaped or molded in such a way that it prevents the brake oil from overheating. The sheet should be in perfect shape, so it does not touch the engine. It should be fixed so, in case of an accident, it should not separate. You will realize the importance of this metal sheet after you start drifting.

Installation of Drifting Tyres

The normal street tyres that your car already has cannot withstand the friction and heat produced so you must install proper tyres that will last longer and resist the heat and fire. All you need is to do is to visit your auto mechanic and get the tyres installed to start your adventure.

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Installation of a Racing Seat

The seat that is normally installed in a car is comfortable but not fit for drifting. So, select such a seat that is lower than the normal seat so your car has a lower center of gravity that will keep your car more stable in the corner. However, this seat will not be comfortable for driving on motorways. So, to keep yourself fit in the seat, you need a racing heart. Install it and enjoy the thrill.

Installation of an Angle Kit

An angle kit is a device that gives more angle to your front wheels. This will enhance your angle and you will be able to have more rotation around the corner that will help your car to have greater angel than the normal cars. This will help you in pro-level drifting.

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So, have these modifications and enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush. Good luck with your first drift.

Let us know what you think about these modifications.

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