How To Maintain Your Car During Self-Isolation Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

We are going through some crucial times. The coronavirus outbreak is not a national issue but is affecting people around the globe. Many countries are facing lockdowns to prevent the spread of this harmful virus while other nations are confining themselves to their homes proving to be responsible individuals.

However, while we are taking care of ourselves, we mustn’t forget our four-wheelers that also have been taking a toll due to our self-isolation. We have outlined some basic tips to ensure your cars stay healthy during these unfortunate times.

  • Car parking

Make sure your care is parked in a safe parking lot. If you don’t have access to a covered parking space, keep your car covered at all times. This will protect the car from bird droppings and continuous sunlight that is a threat to car paint. If your car is parked under a tree, remove all the leaves and flowers that might be falling on it as they are breeding grounds for bacteria.

  • Keep the tank full

Try to keep the fuel tank full. If there is vacant space in it, over time air above the fuel could cause condensation that can result in rusting, in the long run.

  • Know how the brakes should be kept

Don’t engage your hand brake when the car has to be kept idle for a significant period of time as it could get jammed. It’s better to leave the car in gear or the most efficient way is to use the parking mode given your car has that feature. Also try utilizing the conventional methods like placing a wooden block or brick in front of the wheels to prevent the car from rolling.

  • Battery measures

If your car is not in use for quite some time, it’s helpful if the battery is disconnected. This is to prevent it from getting discharged. Another way is to start your car every 3 to 4 days, this will also keep your battery alive.

  • Tyre care

Keep track of the tire pressure and inflation. When a car is idle for a long time, the tyres can lose their air pressure and deflation can cause the sidewalls to crack and flat spots occur. To prevent the flat spots, try to roll the wheels a bit by moving the car backwards and forwards.

When you step out to check your car and decide to start it, keep your face covered and sanitize your hands right after you are done with the required task.

Stay home. Stay safe!

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