How To Prevent Your Car From Rusting? 5 Efficient Tips

Rust NEVER sleeps. Every metal body has the tendency to go through the electrochemical process that results in rusting. Hence, cars are at a high risk of corrosion. All is not lost. There are some very effective prevention tips that you should follow to safeguard your vehicle from rusting.

1. Wash your car regularly

Dirt is never good for a car. It welcomes corrosion if it has been accumulated on the car for a while. Make sure to wash your car every other week regardless of the season. You can take your four-wheeler to a car wash if you don’t want to wash your car regularly in cold seasons.

2. Use ceramic coating

While waxing is considered one of the most helpful ways to prevent exterior damage, it is being taken over by ceramic coating. It is more effective, affordable, and an option recommended by auto-shops. The ceramic coating forms a strong bond with the paint on the car. It can face extreme conditions as well. It can last for years.

3. Use anti-rust spray

Anti-rust spray is a cheaper alternative to ceramic coating or waxing. However, it isn’t a long-term solution. It can, in ideal cases, last up to a year.

4. Keep drain plugs clear

Drain plugs can be clogged by dirt and debris. This will allow accumulation of water. Clean the plugs whenever you are cleaning or washing your car. Keep a look out for them under your cars, along the edges of the trunk, and the hood.

5. Keep the car’s interior dry

There are high chances of the moisture inside the car to travel to the outside. That can cause the exterior to rust. Remember to wipe out any wet surfaces in the interior of the car. Don’t forget to dry the wet area entirely.

These helpful tips are very basic and doable. Try them out and don’t let rust come near your car.

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