How To Properly Adjust Your Car Mirrors

The rear and side-view mirrors are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. They provide a broader view of the roadway at a time. It should be your top priority to develop a habit of checking car mirrors every few seconds to get an idea about the surroundings especially before you move to a different lane. However, the side and rear-view mirrors need to be adjusted properly for maximum visibility before you hit the road.

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Adjusting Rear-View Mirror

The rear-view mirror inside your car is there to provide a clear view of the lane behind you. It needs to be adjusted in a way that the entire rear window is visible from the driver’s seat. In other words, ‘frame’ the rear window in the mirror. You are only required to move your eyes not your head when using this mirror. Drivers who are 6 feet or taller may need to reposition the mirror upside down for better visibility.

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Adjusting Driver’s Side-View Mirror

In order to adjust the driver’s side-view mirror, place your head against the window and set the mirror so only a small portion of the side of your car is visible on left or right of the mirror depending upon whether you’re traveling in a left-hand drive or a right-hand drive. It will allow you to see more of the road behind you and the vehicles approaching from this side. Make sure to adjust your seat before proceeding with the mirrors adjustment otherwise you will have to adjust mirrors again.

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Adjusting Passenger’s Side-View Mirror

The passenger’s side-view mirror can be adjusted the same way as driver’s side-view mirror. Apply the same steps while sitting in the driver’s seat after the seat adjustment is done. This mirror can be slightly lower than the other as it helps with the reversing of your vehicle but make sure not to set it too low and that you can still clearly see the road behind you.

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These mirror settings will allow you to have a seamless visual contact around your car. However, before you move forward with the new mirror settings, check how they work while your car is parked. Proper adjustment of side and rear-view mirrors helps to prevent road accidents and keep your vehicle away from the approaching traffic.

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