Independence Day Discount By Honda Pakistan

14th August is just around the corner. It is the day Pakistan was founded, and we got a homeland of our own. To celebrate this memorable occasion, Honda Pakistan has announced a very special discount offer. They want everyone to celebrate the spirit of freedom with their generous offer.

Independence Day offer

According to the announcement on their website and social media, you can avail a 14% discount on general repair and periodic maintenance. This offer will last from 5th – 13th August, 2020. This discount will be available on all 3S dealerships of Honda. This deal is a step towards celebrating patriotism together with Honda.

Honda Pakistan has always been a step ahead of their competitors when it comes to building a relationship with their customers. This auto brand recognizes the importance of enhancing the good will factor between the company and the customers. This is why it is one of the top auto manufacturers.

Previous offers

Just a month ago, Honda regulated a deal for all the front-line health workers as a token of gratitude for their hard work in fighting the pandemic. They were offered 250 liters of free fuel on the purchase of any variant of the new Honda Civic, City or BRV. The offer is still available, so if you are a medical hero fighting for others’ lives, you can reward yourself with this deal.

Almost 2 weeks ago, Honda offered a deal for 2018 Accord, 2018-19 Civic and 2018 BR-V owners providing them with a free product upgrade on the fuel pump propeller motor replacement. This offer was issued for an indefinite period.

Honda’s struggles

Despite the efforts to keep a good relationship with the consumer community, Honda seems to be having a hard time staying afloat. These offers are helping but obviously, the pandemic took a mighty toll on the company’s sales. The sales has gone down by 64% in Financial Year 2019-2020 as compared to Financial Year 2018-19.

The pandemic is the key culprit but the price hikes by Honda have also played a huge role in the decline of sales.

Let’s hope that these offers regulate the sales again for this leading auto manufacturer.

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