Indus Motor Company Shuts Down Plants Again

COVID-19 has affected the world. Every person has faced a change in their usual life and businesses have seen tremendous downfalls. The auto industry has been shook by the drastic effects coronavirus’s spread had on the supply and demand chain.

Many automakers had to make the unfortunate decision of closing down their plants a couple of months ago. Honda, Toyota, and Indus Motor Company also shuttered their production houses in Pakistan. However, when the government eased the lockdown, auto manufacturers also got a green light to open their factories and resume production.

Things were not so good for the Indus Motor Company. Though they opened their plants after 19th May, now they had to close them again. Obviously, the reason was coronavirus. 5 of their employees had tested positive for COVID-19. Hence, they closed the shutters of their plant for 5 days.

Notice by Indus Motor Company:

Indus Motor Company Shuts Down Plants Again

The affected employees were treated and quarantined. IMC was expected to resume production from 11th June.

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