Jolta JE 70: An Electric Bike That’s About To Hit Pakistani Market

The announcement of the newly introduced Jolta JE 70 e-bike has created quite a stir in the media. The new e-bike is compared to traditional choices such as the Honda CD 70 to determine if it is truly superior to the fuel-powered versions presently on the market.

The introduction of the JE 70

Pakistan recently saw the introduction of the country’s first electric motorcycle, the JE 70. The Jolta business created the bike as an alternative to the renowned fuel-powered 70cc and 125cc bikes in Pakistan.

The fact that it is an electric bike has gotten a lot of attention in the media, but it is vital to assess its influence on our everyday lives and how it compares to other models on the market.

According to Jolta EV Technologies, the e-bike would save Rs. 4000 a month compared to a traditional fuel-powered cycle.

Jolta JE 70 vs. Honda CD 70

When comparing the Jolta JE 70 to a 70cc Honda, the former has a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour while the latter has a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour. According to the firm, this is the only metric in which the e-bike falls behind standard bikes.

It is available in a variety of versions with varying power terrains and top speeds. The bike is available in seven distinct models: the JE 70, the JE 70 L, the JE 100 L, the JE 70 D, the JE Scooty, the JE 125 L, and the JE Sports Bike.

The first, known as the JE 70, has yet to be released to the market. According to the manufacturer, the JE 70 has an eco-mode range of 80 kilometers and a turbo mode range of 60 kilometers.

The engine power is 1.5KW or 1500 Watts, and it is powered by a 30 AH Lithium/dry battery with a three-month guarantee and a service life of around two years.

It is worth noting that the battery replacement would cost the customer Rs. 20,000, which is obviously a hefty price, but if the battery can last two years as the firm promises, it is a fantastic deal.

On a sloped surface, the vehicle’s maximum speed would be 10-20 km/h, while on a level route, it would be 60 km/h. A single charge would take approximately 2 to 3 hours, and it would require two units of energy. The e-bike, like every other electric vehicle on the market, lacks clutches and gears.

Muhammad Suhail Khan, National Sales Head, told SAMAA Money that their JE 70, which appears precisely like a 70cc motorbike, is priced at Rs. 82,500.

He also mentioned that they had been marketing an e-scooter for women for Rs. 105,000. “In the meanwhile, we will shortly release a bike equivalent to 125cc.”

The Effect Of This Modification

This project complements PTI’s environmental policy because electric bikes are not only the future of the planet, but they are also very ecologically beneficial due to their lower carbon footprint than other automobiles.

Throughout his address, Imran Khan emphasized the efforts that the government is performing for Pakistan’s future, such as the Million Trees Tsunami initiative and the Pakistan Electric Vehicle Policy 2020-2025, under which the Jolta Bike was manufactured.

This will significantly influence Pakistan’s economy, as the leading cause of economic destabilization is typically global gasoline and oil prices, which affect the local market. Pakistan would be able to save $15-$16 billion in yearly fuel imports due to the fuel displacement from oil to electricity.

This is important to note that, as Pakistan’s first e-bike, the JE 70 will set the tone for Pakistanis’ attitudes about electric vehicles. Therefore, the automobile must have a good influence.

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