Largest Electric Car Manufacturer: SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co.

As of last July, the world’s largest electric car manufacturer has dominated a notorious automaker in southwest China, with larger competitors and Tesla Inc. practically every month with a modest, bare-bones EV, starting at just $4,500.

The Hongguangs Mini, a joint venture between SAIC Motor and Guangxi Automobile Group Co., two state-funded car manufacturers, and US Giant General Motors Co., is the centerpiece for SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co.

The SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co.

The firm — which sold around 270 000 cars within nine months to make it the best-selling e-volume in China — is located in Liuzhou, noted for its calcareous mountains and fluvial soup. The objective is to sell 1.2 million vehicles annually next year, which is approximately equivalent to the total quantity in 2020 of EVs produced by largest electric car manufacturer in China.

The purchasers of the gas-washed grey vans are virtually male, so Wuling is in the center of the 100 km (62 miles) an hour and 12 inches high-speed Hongguang Mini — all the more remarkable. However, soon after his debut last July, the vehicle manufacturer recognized the following phenomena among young women, which ties up traditional knowledge about the way vehicles are sold.

Zhang’s tailored web marketing effort powered the success of Wuling with the Hongguang Mini. His team regularly communicates directly with consumers via social media websites, and the current incarnation of Hongguang Mini—the Macaron—was the customer’s desire for new colors. In contrast with an additional solid-colored ceiling, it comes in green, lemon-gelb, and white peach to imitate the cream in vanilla that sandwiches the French meringue.

This is also how it landed at one of the key points of sale of the automobile–apart from the rock-bottom price level: Hongguang Mini cars can personalize their automobiles in ways that are not elsewhere feasible.

The panels and body of the automobile may be modified with “stickers.” Some feature the Nike logo, some feature outdoor landscapes like a Galaxy, and some feature Hello Kitty and Doraemon cartoon characters. The original Hongguang Mini may be changed and customized by the client in around 20 different basic colors.

There is a substantial market for grabs as frivolous as converting a series of wheels into a fashion statement.

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The EV Penetration Throughout China

In China, the EV penetration beyond Liuzhou remains at 6%, with severe competition. Tesla may be the biggest name, especially in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, which have their first Gigafactory. Still, a multitude of emerging, regional companies are swarming from Nio Inc. to Xpeng Inc., Li Auto Inc., and WM Motor.

Other domestic competitors like BYD Co., a long-supported vehicle manufacturer, are also increasing their EV game, while multinational actors like Volkswagen AG are pumping billions of dollars into innovative electrical layouts.

Consumers in China are overwhelmed by the variety of fossil-fuel automobiles adding to the combination. As a result, electric car manufacturers must provide drivers with what they want to thrive.

This is a technique for the time being that pays Wuling dividends. Owned by 50.1% Shanghái-based SAIC, the firm sold 1.6 million cars last year at the cost of 44% GM’s China subsidiary and 5.9% Guangxi Automobile. Wuling’s new-energy vehicle sold over three times over 174,000 units, though that was down about 4% from 2019 during the pandemic.

The Hongguang Mini seems to have been the boon in the case of GM – which is boosting electrification and automated vehicles under CFO Mary Barra.

Financial Statement Of The Electric Car Manufacturer

In the first quarter of the month, the electric car manufacturer generated $9.9 billion from its China automotive joint ventures, up by $4.3 billion in the first three months of 2020. In its financial reports GM, which is in China with several other partnerships, does not break out Wuling’s revenues.

While the Hongguang Mini’s commitment to customers distinguished costs, in a country with many considering the Tesla Model 3 sticker price that sells for the equivalent of $39 300 beyond reach, pricing was the primary driver of its spectacular sales. Hongguang Mini begins at 4,500 dollars, and even the latest one sells under 6,000 dollars.

The Motives Behind Wulin’s Success

With a solid supply chain management, which has been refined with super-popular micro vans, Wuling has managed to churn out affordable automobiles. In addition, many suppliers of Wuling have also established production facilities in Liuzhou, which has further contributed to cap costs. This model shows that electric car manufacturers in other towns and provinces around China are replicating and gratifying Wuling. However, it is also tricky since competing automobile prices are falling.

The tight area for EVs is also a matter for multinational electric car manufacturers, with Daimler AG in China with their venture partner to produce an electric version of the smart – for many, the perfect mini-vehicle.

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