Massive Hike In Price Of United Bravo

2020 has been merciless. From the outbreak of coronavirus to downfall of businesses, from the increase in dollar rate to the budget by the government, this year has been everything but pleasant. The auto industry has been in the waters like many others. A lot of different auto manufacturers ended up mightily raising the prices of their cars. This group included Toyota, Honda, Pak Suzuki, and Regal automobile. United motors just joined the party.

Official Document of United:

United Bravo

The only car in their line-up up till now is the United Bravo. It received tonnes of attention after it was launched. The main reason was the affordable cost. It was priced at Rs. 850,000. Consumers found this to be a very good deal as the car was good looking, efficient, etc. After a couple of minor increments in price, United Motors went all out by bumping the price up by Rs 214,000. Now, this compact hatchback costs Rs 11,99,000. These digits are almost the same or more than those of Alto VX and Prince Pearl.

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The new prices have been put into effect from July 20th, 2020. The company informed that the bank customers who have paid the full price till June 30th, 2020 shall receive the car at the old price. The stock that had reached dealerships before July 20th, 2020 shall be sold at the old price. The new price will be implemented on orders placed on or after this date.

The consumers have not taken this massive price hike too good. They oppose it. However, it’s what the company needed to do at this time. Staying afloat in the middle of a pandemic isn’t a piece of cake. As much as price increments aren’t appreciated on products, some times it is the need of the business. We are living in uncertain times right now and together, we will make it through. is your go-to resource for the latest auto news, tips, HOW-TOs, and vehicle comparisons. You can follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to stay updated with news and updates. If you wish to decipher the world of automobiles, you have landed at the right place.

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