Mega E-bike: The First Electric Bike In Pakistan

Pakistan has lately been evolving more and more in the tech world, with new modern technologies being introduced continuously thriving in providing a better lifestyle. Strictly talking about the world of electric and high-tech automobiles and auto bikes, first electric bike in Pakistan market has been introduced. The all-new Mega E-bike is an electric sports bike developed to be the first electric bike in Pakistan.

As proud and as modern creation of a bike this is, it is designed to be eco-friendly in order to sustain a healthy environment eliminating any pollution emitted, as it is an electric bike. This bike has a cost of about PKR 1.50 lacs, but you can also purchase it in installments. This bike comes with the following features and specifications.

An Electric Powered Engine

Every ordinary bike comes with an engine, but not the Mega E-bike. This bike has a built-in 32 amperes electric-powered battery, unlike a standard motorbike. The bike’s rear-wheel has a 2000 watts’ motor installed on it that makes the bike ride on. This engine can put out a speed of about 35 mph. The Mega E-bike is entirely electrically powered, generating no air pollution or noise pollution, or any other sort of pollution whatsoever. The benefit of having an electric engine is that it dramatically reduces maintenance costs.

Electric Bike In Pakistan

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Fuel Consumption

Since the first electric bike in Pakistan is an electric motorbike, it has no exhaust, thus eliminating the possibility of any pollution. Being an electric bike, its battery needs to be charged, eliminating petrol or other fuel costs, thus saving a lot of money. The Mega E-bike, on a full charge, can travel up to 100 kilometers.

Riding Modes

The Mega E-bike comes with four riding modes, adjustable to your riding requirement. The normal mode is for an everyday riding experience, while the sports mode is for those people who prefer a slightly more boost in speed. Then comes the reverse mode, a standard mode for the bike to be put in reverse to make parking the bike quick and maneuverable.

Lastly, the power mode enables the motorcycle to consume more battery and put out more power. This mode is advantageous when going up a hill requiring more speed to climb or going up an inclined road. Since there is no motor engine in this bike, the clutch is replaced with a rear brake handle.


This first electric bike in Pakistan has been specially engineered with no compromise in comfort. The shape of the bike provides a comfortable anchored seating position for the rider. The handlebars are also not much distant for the rider to reach. The overall riding experience of the bike is impressive. The handling and grip attributes of the bike are perfect on the road.

Other Features

The Mega E-bike comes with tubeless tires, as well as a proficient disc braking system. This bike has hydraulic shocks installed, giving a smooth riding experience on bumpy roads with a good shock lifespan. The bike also has high beam parking lights installed, well capable of another driver to spot. Since there is no need for a petrol tank, the petrol tank capacity is replaced with a storage spot to provide space for you to keep your valuables safe.

The charging port is accessible from within the storage space. The body of the bike is made of fiber material, also giving the Mega E-bike a sport bike look. The bike features a digital meter with both the on/off and locking feature accessible within the turn-key slot.

Electric bikes are the future as they are not only economical but eco-friendly as well. Mega E-bike is an electric bike that has been manufactured in Pakistan.

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