Motorcycle Overheating: Causes And Prevention

Have you ever seen a motorcycle pulled up on a roadside with a smoke trail coming from it? Maybe not. That’s because overheating of motorcycles is not as common and often as of cars. However, it is something we shouldn’t neglect because it does happen.

If you want to avoid any such incidents, and tackle them appropriately if you face them, keep reading. Below are a few reasons of overheating of motorcycles and their prevention methods.

1. Coolant

If the coolant in your motorcycle is old or if it is below the required level, then your bike is expected to overheat.

You should stay on top of the maintenance, including topping up the liquid when needed and changing it when it has serviced for its term.

2. Leaking coolant

Did you see a puddle of liquid under your motorcycle? That probably is the coolant leaking. This could be because of a puncture, faulty fasteners, etc.

Sometimes, the leak might not be a lot. So, just monitor the coolant levels. If you find yourself topping it up more than usual, then get it checked. There must be a leak.

3. Proper warm-up

It is always a wise action to warm up your bike before you hit the road. It gets the roadster ready for the day.

A warm-up includes leaving the motorcycle engine idle for a couple of minutes. Don’t overrev the motorcycle as it might set it up for overheating during the day.

4. Engine idle setting

Avoid keeping the engine idle setting too hight. If it is high, your bike won’t get to warm up properly.

You should keep the engine idle somewhere around 1000 RPMs for the start-up phase.

5. Engine oil

The engine has to work extra hard if there is lack of engine oil or if the fluid is old. This will result in excess friction that will cause heating.

Monitor and follow any oil related issues, so you can prevent an overheat caused by the engine fluid.

6. Radiators

The job of the radiator is to keep the engine cool. If it doesn’t function properly, then no other elements can prevent an overheat.

A clogged and dirty system can cause the radiator to not work properly. This will affect the whole cooling-the-engine process.

7. High temperatures

It’s commonly known that harsh weather affects vehicles. However, if you are riding a bike, and you get stuck in a stop-and-go traffic jam, believe me, your bike will endure a lot.

This may eventually lead your motorcycle to become overheated and give you a troublesome time.

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind to avoid getting stuck at a roadside waiting for help while your motorcycle is covered in smoke due to overheating.

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