No Change In Petrol Price Expected In April 2020

The world is going through tremendous amounts of uncertainty and stress. Coronavirus has also spread rapidly in Pakistan. The government recently announced a decrease in petrol prices as a measure to give some sort of positive news during these dreadful times.

People were concerned that the government might increase the prices back up after a short period of time. To deny the rumors, the petroleum department issued a statement that eradicated any concerns people were having due to false news.

They stated, “There will be no change in petrol, diesel and other petroleum products’ prices for the month of April 2020. The petrol prices shall remain constant as they were announced on March 25, 2020. Any speculation regarding prices contrary to this statement ought to be strongly discouraged.”

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Prices for both for petrol and diesel are reduced by 15 Rs. Per Liter. The last  petrol price was 111.59 Rs. Per Liter while diesel was being sold at 122.25 Rs. Per Liter. The reduction in price is a positive step for car owners and we hope there is no price hike again any time soon. is your go-to resource for latest auto news, tips, HOW-TOs and vehicle comparisons. You can follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to stay updated with news and updates. If you wish to decipher the world of automobiles, you have landed at the right place.

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