Paperless Driver’s License System in Pakistan 2020

A promising development by the Government of Punjab was recently seen. A paperless driver’s license system has been introduced. The official announcement was endorsed by a press release issued by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). PITB and Central Police Office Rawalpindi collaborated to bring this idea to reality. This advanced step aims to facilitate the general public.

Announcement Regarding Driver’s License

Pakistan’s First Ever Paperless Driver’s License System

This is a leap towards automation. People can get their driver’s license, either learners permit or renewed license, through a one-window facility. The applicants are just required to bring their original National ID card (CNIC) and the registration fee. No filled-up forms, photos, or tickets are needed.

Chairman PITB, Mr. Azfar Manzoor, while chairing the progress review meeting, said, “the new system would help ensure transparency, prevent fake driver’s license and minimize the influence of agent mafia. The system has been launched in Rawalpindi district and will be introduced in other districts of Punjab soon.”

This is true that a hassle-free system is bound to be more efficient that will not only make it more transparent but easier for the people trying to get the licensing process done.

In such different times, with coronavirus changing the normal of our lives, introduction to such an automated facility is indeed helpful. People will be able to avoid long queues that will assist in maintaining social distancing. We can’t magically make COVID-19 end, but we can modify our dealings and interactions accordingly.

It is very impressive how the police and technology department joined hands in coming about such an advanced innovation. This also goes in line with the vision of the government for a digitizing Pakistan.

It can also be hoped and expected that more people will get their driver’s license issued rather than avoiding the process due to how tedious the previous one sounded.

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