Spring Is Here: Is Your Car Ready?

Weather change is beautiful, so is spring. Blooming flowers, growing trees, it’s perfect spring aura. As this pleasant weather approaches, you should clean your car likewise. Nowadays, modern cars are high-quality and durable which prevents them from getting damaged easily, but winter can be pretty rough on your vehicle. Low temperatures, hailstorms, snowy area drives can result in your car needing some basic cleaning and repair as spring starts.

Thoroughly wash your car

Generally, you are supposed to wash your car even during the chilly months. We do tend to get a little easy with car cleaning. As spring approaches, it’s about time you give your car a detailed wash. From the exterior to the underbody, clean it. Don’t forget the interior as well. In the bright warm days, you would love to ride in a beautifully clean car that is shiny from the outside and fresh from the inside.

Refill your wiper fluid

The wipers get worn out during winters especially if you live in a snowy area. So, it’s very essential to top-up your wiper fluid for maximum efficiency.

Get rid of your winter wiper blades

Winter season and what it brings along, can damage your wiper blades. They extensively work to remove the snow accumulating on your windshield. Worn out wiper blades can make squeaky sounds and leave scratches on your windshield. So, changing them is the most appropriate decision, which you should make.

Check your tires

Winter can be very harsh on your car tires. You don’t want to risk your life or your car by driving around with tires that aren’t in good condition anymore, neither do you want to spend extra money on fuel. Hence, keep safety first. Replace your winter tires. Also, rotate your tires and get them balanced.

Change your engine oil

It is usually recommended to change your engine oil after every 5,000 miles, or a figure around that. Low temperatures can make the oil thick impairing its ability to perform efficiently. Hence, get your engine oil replaced in spring so this lubricant can be fresh and work very well.
Eliminate any scratches or dents

Hailstorms, snow, road salt – winter, in general, can visibly affect your car. As spring enters, you should fix any dents, scratches or paint flaws your car might have. If you can repair this yourself, well and good. Otherwise, you can always let a pro do it for you.

Clean your car mats

Walking around on sleet or snow can result in your car mats getting all filthy too as you step in your car with the same shoes. You definitely need to thoroughly wash and clean them. If you think it’s time you get new ones, go ahead.

As much as the winter season can work against your car, you are the one that can reverse the negative effects. Wait no more. Give your car the cleaning and repair session it deserves.
Enjoy spring and let your car enjoy it too

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