New EV Design Concepts – Structural Reformulation

 The larger a vehicle is, the heavier it is, and the larger the battery needed – all of which affect its range, buying prices, and environmental impact on EVs and Ev design.

Therefore, why continue to focus significant vehicle manufacturers on manufacturing SUVs that are far more frequently utilized for going to grocery shops than the cluttered rural areas for which they are built and advertised, even at the EV end of the scale?

Why Are Smaller EV Design Automobiles Preferred More Now?

We understand that the range remains a significant obstacle, particularly for EVs. However, data shows that since the pandemic, demand for smaller automobiles has risen by 18 percent. Before COVID, the United Kingdom’s typical motorcycle trip involved just 1-2 persons, far from the family of four or five, who often had advertisements.

This preoccupation over excessively big cars has cultural effects, too, as Stellantis Chief, Carlos Tavares, emphasized at the recent Future of the Financial Times’  “Future of the Car” summit, with accompanying price tags risking pricing medium-sized vehicles out of ownership.

Drawbacks Of Smaller Vehicles With An EV Design Concept

Vehicles that no one wants (or can afford) are pointless to make. Hence, the answer is undoubtedly to start creating smaller vehicles, which can continue to travel. However, companies are unwilling to do this, as smaller automobiles necessarily make less profit. It is not a secret that bigger cars are the cash cows for automobiles.

However, with decreasing birth rates, remote employment, rentals, home deliveries, and public transport investments, the journeys people make are growing. As a result, manufacturers must ensure that their automobiles grow with them, no matter whether they like it. So how can they meet these continually shifting requirements and yet make a profit?

EV manufacturers have depended on the ‘skateboard’ configuration for the longest of time, in which the car battery is placed beneath the floor. It is a dependable design that is terrific for freeing up cargo space, but it has structural, weight, and cost disadvantages that result in much lower earnings.

EV Design

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How To Produce Profits With The New EV Design Concepts?

What if we investigated an alternate arrangement that still met the demands of the consumers but at a considerably lower cost and weight? Simply relocating the battery to the vehicle’s midsection, for example, might still have a significant influence on the cumulative height and weight of an EV design vehicle. According to our estimates, this would increase efficiency by up to a third, allowing the automobile to go the same distance as present models but requiring a considerably smaller battery. Because the battery accounts for between 25 to 45 percent of the car cost, significant savings can be obtained.


These advances are a success for both customers and producers as they are more profitable, more eco-friendly, and economically more efficient vehicles. In addition, the demand for the charging infrastructure is lowered by a good advantage in terms of efficiency. The smaller batteries also minimize their dependence on valuable resources.

It is hardly unexpected that SUVs are still popular with customers; therefore, manufacturers are hesitant to introduce something new and innovative to the market. However, if they suddenly prioritized consumer requirements over profit, they would be rewarded with a more flexible approach to providing lightweight and efficient ev designs.

This sort of future insurance not only boosts cash flow but may significantly reduce the environmental effect of the automobiles that we will be driving in ten to fifteen years – that is what it is all about.

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