Suzuki Alto VXL And Toyota Vitz F 1.0: Which One Should You Buy?

Buying a car is a dream come true for many. Are you planning on getting one too? You have come to the right place. Suzuki Alto and Toyota Vitz are compact cars with impressive features. Both provide good value for your money, but you should take a look at the detailed comparison below. It will help you decide which one should be your final pick.


Suzuki Alto VXL has 3 Inline cylinders in the engine. It is a 658cc car with 5-gear automatic transmission.

Toyota Vitz F 1.0 has 3 Inline cylinders too. Its displacement is 996cc and it’s automatic transmission.


  Suzuki Alto VXL Toyota Vitz F 1.0
Wheelbase 2,460 mm 2,510 mm
Length 3,395 mm 3,945 mm
Width 1,475 mm 1,695 mm
Height 1,490 mm 1,500 mm
Curb Weight 670 KG 970 KG


Suzuki Alto VXL’s exterior is just like imported cars. It is compact yet stylish. There are differently shaped headlights but no fog lights. The car’s shape is in accordance with aerodynamics. Hence, it is fuel efficient. The side mirrors and door handles are of the same colour as the car. No doubt, Alto VXL is a top of the line car.

Toyota Vitz F 1.0 is a good looking car. It has beautiful headlights and taillights. It is a little longer and wider than Alto. Even the height is almost 200 mm more than Alto’s. The wheel size is 14 inches.


Suzuki Alto VXL’s interior is not too spacious. It has a compact arrangement. There is power steering and power window. Airbags are available as well as keyless entry. The boot doesn’t provide enviable space. It’s enough for little bags or alternate luggage. However, you can fold the rear seats to get more room if you need it.

Toyota Vitz F 1.0 has a spacious interior with enough room for as much as 3 passengers on the rear seats. It provides keyless entry, a CD player, power door locks and interior lighting. The boot is spacious. However, the rear seats cannot be folded.

Performance & Fuel Efficiency

Suzuki Alto VXL provides a smooth drive. Fuel tank capacity is 27 litres and the mileage in the city is 24 km/l while it’s 26 km/l on the highway. The power produced is 39 Hp@rpm.

Toyota Vitz F 1.0 is a very comfortable car to drive. It delivers a city 15 km/l while the highway mileage is 18 km/l. Vitz has a fuel tank capacity of 42 litres. The power output is 68 Hp@rpm.


Suzuki Alto VXL is equipped with airbags. The suspension and braking ability is satisfactory. It doesn’t have traction control.

Toyota Vitz F 1.0 comes with airbags. It has ABS, traction control and brake assist. It also has Electronic Brake-force Distribution.

Which one will cost you more money?

Suzuki Alto VXL can cost you around 1.5 million to 1.7 million. It is a bit pricy given the size of the car and limited features.

Toyota Vitz F 1.0 can be purchased for 2.0 million. The price depends on whether it is a used one or new. However, it’s reasonable given the features and amazing handling.

In conclusion, Suzuki Alto VXL and Toyota Vitz F 1.0 are both considerable cars. However, you can see for yourself that though Vitz is a little bit expensive than Alto, it delivers bang for the buck.


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