Tips To Jack Your Vehicle Up Safely

It is quite a common happening that you get a flat tyre and have to raise up your car to change the tyre. If it’s not a flat tyre, sometimes you might have to get under your car to take a look at something. You will need to jack up your car for that. Hence, the following tips will come in pretty handy when you have to raise your car.

1. Use drive-on ramps.

These are a good choice specially if you aren’t removing the wheel while jacking up. Take assistance from someone who will tell you that you are driving straight on to the ramps.

2. Employ your parking brake

Remember to employ your parking brake before you raise your car’s front end.

3. Put blocks

Make sure to put blocks or any other thing to chock the wheels at the opposite end.

4. Leave a jack

Leave a jack under the frame or other lifting point but don’t rely on just a jack to support your vehicle.

5. Don’t put a jack

Don’t put a jack under the oil pan as it can be punctured by it.

6. Place jack stands

Place jack stands under the frames, frame members, and control arms. You should put a jack stand under the rear axle if you have to lift all four wheels off the ground.

7. Don’t place crates

Don’t place crates to support your car because those aren’t a reliable way to raise your car. The heavy weight can collapse them in no time.

8. Use plywood

Use plywood to place your jacks on, otherwise hot pavements can damage them.

9. Lift the vehicle

Lift the vehicle from the frame cross member if you are using a floor jack.

Bonus Tip: Use floor jack when you are raising the vehicle to set it on jack stands. This will aid in getting the wheels on the desired height quickly. Bottle jack or scissor jack can be used if the floor jack is unavailable. Use one of these to raise the car from one point and placing the jack stand under it for support.

You should also give the vehicle’s manual a read to learn more about the specifications of jacking it up. Keep in mind that safety comes first!

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