Top 5 Vintage Bikes

Do you know there are not only vintage cars but vintage bikes as well? Have you ever seen a vintage bike running on the roads? Have you ever dreamt of having a vintage motorcycle? Then we are here to give you a glimpse of the top 5 vintage bikes that are not only stylish but a masterpiece of this time.

You must have seen many vintage cars in your life in car shows, but having a vintage bike is a unique passion that very few people have, and you are here reading this blog because you are among those unique 1% population of the world.

List Of Top 5 Vintage Bikes:

You must have seen people enthusiastic about superbikes, but a person interested in vintage bikes has a better aesthetic sense than those who consider superbikes attractive. So, Automoteve is here to bring you some top-notch vintage bikes.

1. Harley-Davidson XR-1000:

This bike was demanded by the general public and was launched in 1982-83. The Harley still remains popular with the public due to its stylish design and exceptional handling and power. It has an air-cooled engine of 998cc and a twin Dell’Orto Carburetor with a filter and has the machinery of the Sportster bike and the looks and power of XF-750. This bike weighs about 500 pounds and produces 70hp. Its weight is 40 pounds less than the 1000cc bike and produces 20hp more power as compared to the 1000cc Sportster bike, having a speed of 115mph.

Harley Davidson XR 1000

2. BMW/5:

This bike was launched in the year 1970-1973 and was built in response to the Japanese motorcycle. This bike came with an air-cooled four-stroke engine and comes in three variants: 32hp 500cc, 40hp 600cc, and 50hp 750cc. This bike used non-metallic materials like plastic, so the bike has a reduced weight. It has the traditional boxer engine and has a price range of $6000-7000.


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3. Suzuki GT550:

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Japanese bikes were influenced by American bikes and had disc front brakes with a multi-engine. It consists of twin shocks and cartridge forks. This bike has a two-stroke engine and is triple powered. It has its own charm, and people who are interested in this bike prefer it over the Honda CB750.

Suzuki GT550

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4. Norton Commando:

This bike is considered one of the last successes of the United Kingdom bike industry. It was launched in the years 1968-1972 and is known for its looks and stylish design. This bike has a 58hp motor, swing-arm, and gearbox with a top speed of 117mph. It has a design that separates the rider from the vibrating engine and gearbox, making the ride more comfortable. This bike has a price range of $7800. If you are interested in an American bike, then the Norton Commando is the best bike in the auto industry for you.

1973 Norton Commando 850

5. Triumph Bonneville T 120:

This bike was launched in 1959 but gained popularity and was considered a masterpiece in late 1968. However, this bike had an average top speed of 110mph but had a crackling exhaust which is still recognizable. It has a 649cc twin engine and produces around 46 hp. It is still considered an art of craft, and people buy this bike for its artistic machinery and design.

Truimph Bonneville

All of the bikes mentioned above are in high demand in the market and have high prices. These bikes are very rare and are only barely ever seen on roads or highways. People who own these bikes keep them in their garage or home as decoration pieces. The scope of vintage bikes is also increasing in Pakistan. You can now import these bikes and showcase them in bike shows.

Tell us about your thoughts and interest in vintage bikes in the comments below. Stay connected with the Automoteve team to get the latest auto news, tips, guides and comparisons.

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