Toyota Aqua Or Honda Fit: Which One Should You Get?

We have a major import of Japanese cars. Those are high-quality, reliable and often provide a good value for your money. Hatchbacks are trendy nowadays. They give you some boot room without having to extend the car length. They are of a very balanced size, aren’t as elongated as big cars but neither are they compact like small ones. They tend to be a perfect family car with efficient performance, easy handling and fuelling them isn’t heavy on your pocket.

Toyota Aqua and Honda Fit are two such cars which have been considerably popular in the past years. They both are wonderful Hybrid cars, but we have put together a thorough comparison of their features and working.


Toyota Aqua has a Generation 3 Hybrid Synergy drive. It has a 1.5 litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine. It has a WT-I petrol engine with 16 valves and with Continuously Variable Emission.

Honda Fit, on the other hand, offers multiple engine variants. Those are 2 L L12B I-VTEC I4 petrol, 3 L L13B Earth Dreams I-DTEC I4, 5 L L15A I4 (petrol), 5 L L15B Earth Dreams I-DTEC I4 and 5 L I-DTEC diesel. Fit with Earth Dreams 1.5 litre Atkinson cycle is one of the top picks by Pakistanis.


Toyota Aqua Honda Fit
Wheelbase 2,550 mm 2,530 mm
Length 4,000 mm 3,955 mm
Width 1,690 mm 1,695 mm
Height 1,450 mm 1,525-1,550 mm
Curb Weight 1,100 – 1,140 kg 1,080- 1,170 kg


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Toyota Aqua is more like a sports hatchback in terms of design. The bumper is lower to the ground as compared to a hybrid of this type. It allows a considerably large air intake. The headlights are large. The taillights are also large but vertical and they extend to the roof spoiler. The rear bumper is also fairly large.

Honda Fit displays a modern design. The delicate creases and overall look kind of gives an electric vehicle vibe. The headlights are slim-tapered and trapezium shaped air intakes. The taillights are large and vertical. Like Aqua, they are extended to the roof spoiler. Fit has a restrained rear bumper.


Toyota Aqua has more space in the front compartment than the rear. The rear seats can be folded down to increase the boot room. The interior is equipped by a digital dashboard, an ECO mode button, climate control as well as an EV button which enables you to drive on electric power only. It is integrated with a push start ignition, cruise control, electronically retractable power mirrors, a 7-inch touch screen, 4-speaker stereo system. It also gives space for multiple cup holders and sufficient interior storage space.

Honda Fit has front and rear seats covered in black fabric. The features include cruise control, keyless entry, climate control, push start ignition, a multifunction steering wheel, a 5-inch screen, a 160 watt 4-speaker stereo audio system. Like Aqua, Fit also allows you to fold the rear seats to increase internal storage space.

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Performance & Fuel Efficiency

Toyota Aqua’s engine produces around 72 bhp which is 37 bhp short of that in Fit. Due to the Hybrid Drive Train and regenerative braking, Aqua achieves about 20-23 km/I. It features a 36-liter fuel tank resulting in a theoretical range of around 720-864 km on a single tank.

Honda Fit’s engine produces around 109 bhp and 134 Nm of Torque. Fit can attain around 20-24 km/I, thanks to the regenerative braking and Hybrid Drive Train. It has a 40-liter fuel tank which can give you a theoretical range of 800-960 km.


Toyota Aqua has only achieved 4/5-star rating from Japanese New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP). It has airbags for both the driver and the front passenger and 4 more airbags along with Traction Control, Toyota’s Brake Assist System, ABS Brakes with electronic brake force distribution and Vehicle Stability Control.

Honda Fit has earned a 5/5-star rating from JNCAP. It also is equipped with a total of 6 airbags along with Traction Control and ABS Brakes with electronic brake force distribution.

Which one is heavier on your pocket?

Toyota Aqua 2012-2013 model costs around 1.6 to 1.8 million Pakistani rupees. Newer models are priced at 2.1 million.

Honda Fit can cost you around 1.85 million to 1.95 million rupees with around 30,000 km mileage. 2.1 million rupees have to be spent for newer versions.

In conclusion, both Hybrids are a good choice with modern features and aesthetic looks.

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