Toyota Land Cruiser V8 vs. Land Rover Defender 110

Are you trying to figure out which of these automobiles you should purchase? Check out this comparison between Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and Land Rover Defender V8 on Automoteve to decide which car to purchase in a fully informed manner, alongside reading about all the latest auto news. This comparison is based on the engine specifications, prices, and characteristics of these automobiles.

While these two SUVs competed for decades, the first Land Rover Defender of the new generation has caused a buzz amongst off-road aficionados. The Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE is well-equipped and contrasted against the Land Cruiser V8. From the very beginning, Land Rover’s pricing difference against Toyota is staggering at $25,595. Let us analyze precisely what you will receive on the Land Cruiser for this extra money.

Engine and Fuel Capacity

On the Defender 110 X-Dynamic HSE, the cutting-edge P400MHEV engine is the best in both worlds. Compared to the 5.7L V8 of the Land Cruiser, you will experience more horsepower and torque and more muscle. The Toyota Land Cruiser and the Land Rover Defender transmit almost an even horsepower to the wheels with a comparable torque. Better still: The Defender rates all three MPG categories substantially higher in fuel efficiency. With Land Rover , you will certainly stop at the gas station less than with the Land Cruiser because of its tank capacity and fuel efficiency.

Size and Weight

The Defender 110 is also easier to maneuver with an 800-pound weight advantage when comparing the much heavier Land Cruiser under challenging conditions.

Additionally, the Toyota Land Cruiser has a greater turning capacity than the Land Rover Defender, which makes its handling in and out of tight spaces somewhat more challenging. You could go around the block with your Toyota Land Cruiser, seeking enough space to park with the Rover Defender more often than you do.

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The Land Cruiser and the Land Rover both have spacious interiors that you would want to see, but the Land Rover offers greater headroom and luggage for the passenger seats it does not have. The Toyota Land Cruiser provides up to 8 adult passengers 16.1 cubic feet of luggage and seating. The new Land Rover offers 31.8 cubic feet more cargo capacity, with seats for five adult passengers, for holidays in families, sports facilities, and scientific initiatives.

Because of its wider reach and legroom, passengers in the backseat can stretch further in the Rover Defender than in the Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser offers only a bit more front and legroom for drivers and front passengers than the Land Rover .


The Toyota Land Cruiser’s basic warranty, which is 3 years/36,000 miles, is not as comprehensive as the Rover Defender’s warranty, which is 4 years/50,000 miles.

Price For Toyota Land Cruiser V8 vs Land Rover Defender

The base price of the Land Cruiser ranges between PKR 4,80,00,000 to PKR 4,65,00,000, while the base price of the Land Rover is PKR 96,92,057.

When estimating the total cost of a car, several aspects must be taken into account. The primary factor is the recommended retail price of the manufacturer (MSRP). The Toyota Land Cruiser is sure to make a bigger dent in your wallet than the Land Rover Defender, which has a considerably cheaper MSRP. The destination fee, which is a typical fee for getting the automotive to the dealer it is manufactured from, is another factor. Similar destination charges apply to the Toyota Land Cruiser and the Land Rover.

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  1. Anita Nayatedin says

    The price mentioned in the article for both the vehicles is exclusive of tax, yes?

  2. Zinnia Ahmed says

    Both the prices are actually tax inclusive.

  3. Anita Nayatedin says

    I believe there was some confusion with the terminologies.

    The “on-road” price for a V8 is roughly PKR 47 million, which is inclusive of taxes (custom as well), hence the cause of my initial comment .

    Though, if there is a new update regarding taxes/prices enabling us to buy a v8 for around PKR 14 million, I’d be the first to book it.

    1. Zinnia Ahmed says

      We apologize for the confusion. we have double checked the prices and rectified the issue. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Ali Nawaz says

    Now i understand why v8 land cruiser is called as the KING OF 4×4

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