Toyota Shutters Its Production Plant In Pakistan

Nowadays, we are living in quite different times. The widespread of Covid-19 has jolted every kind of industry. Sales have been going down. Not only that, manufacturers are advised to pause production due to the health risk to the workers.

Toyota is a leading Japanese auto maker. It has a plant in Pakistan as well. Given the social-distancing regulations and uncertainty that has surrounded everyone around the globe, Toyota has decided to shut down its plant in Pakistan for an indefinite period. The authorities have also mentioned how the supply chain has been affected due to the outbreak of this contagious disease. Hence, it was a sensible option for them to halt the production, as for now.

Toyota issued a public statement explaining the conditions leading to the closure of their plant in Pakistan for the time being.

We are hopeful that everyone’s care and caution will provide us a Coronavirus-free world very soon. Only then can we expect all the operations and productions to go back to normal.

Stay home, Stay safe.

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