Unexpected Delays In Karachi’s Green Line Project

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Pakistan’s government seeks initiatives that suit to the general public and benefit the environment. The Green Line Project (GLP) is a project designed to provide low-cost public transportation to the people of Karachi. Zhongtong is the company that is backing the Green Line Project.


However, in a recent and rather unfortunate development, another company called Golden Dragon has challenged the tender that was awarded to Zhongtong to provide low-cost buses to GLP. The former mentioned company provides buses to BRT Peshawar and it is claiming that Zhongtong submitted a photocopy instead of the original guarantee. This has caused delay in the completion of the Green Line Project.

Golden Dragon put forward a request, but the Grievances Redressal Committee rejected it. A written decision is awaited, because only the will the buses be issued. The buses are set to arrive five months after the release of the written decision. So, if Golden Dragon goes to court, a further delay can be expected in this promising project.

Earlier developments

The Federal government announced to restore the Green Line Project by June 2021 and even gave permission to purchase buses on June 12, 2020. It is important to note that in the initial phase of this public-oriented project, 80 buses will run from the Surjani area of Karachi. These will have a capacity of 200 to 250 people, collectively.

If the issue between these companies gets settled, the project can move forward timely and the people of Karachi will have an efficient transportation system. It will help reduce air pollution and help people by providing them an affordable travel option.

Whatever might be behind this issue between these two companies, we hope this is resolved the soonest. It is about time Karachi gets this transportation system.

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