United Alpha and Suzuki Wagon R: A Detailed Comparison

Are you looking to buy a new car? Let’s give you some good options. United Alpha by United Motors is the first launch of 2021. It was launched on 2nd January. However, United Alpha is the new name of Chery QQ which was released in Pakistan in 2004 but failed after a few years. This new version is basically a facelift of the former version.

United Alpha is here to give some tough competition to the likes of KIA Picanto, Suzuki Wagon R, Suzuki Alto, and Suzuki Cultus.


United Alpha has a 993cc engine. It produces 68hp and 93 Nm Torque. It has a 5-speed manual transmission.

Suzuki Wagon R is equipped with a 998cc engine. It delivers 68hp and 93Nm Torque and has a 5-speed manual transmission.

Alloy Wheels

United Alpha and Suzuki Wagon R, both have alloy wheels. This is indeed a very useful feature as the alloy rims enhance the driving experience.


United Alpha and Suzuki Wagon R, both don’t have airbags. This is a safety hazard. However, this is common in both of these hatchbacks, so none of them has an edge over the other in this regard.

Fog Lamps

United Alpha has fog lamps, that will make driving in fog much easier.

Suzuki Wagon R doesn’t offer fog lamps yet, so Alpha is better off in this field.

Power Steering and Power Windows

United Alpha has a power steering as well as power windows for the front and back windows.

Suzuki Wagon R, on the other hand, has a power steering, but only the front windows are powered.

Rear Wiper

United Alpha has a rear wiper in the car. This helps in the rainy season as it offers clarity and better visibility that enhances the safety on roads.

Suzuki Wagon R doesn’t have a rear wiper, so this is where it lacks as compared to its competitor.

Rear Camera

United Alpha is equipped with a rear camera, which makes reversing and parking super easy and convenient.

Suzuki Wagon R doesn’t have a rear camera, so you should keep this in mind while buying a car.

Multimedia Screen

United Alpha has a 10-inch multimedia screen installed in its dashboard. The system offer Bluetooth connectivity, radio, and audio.

Suzuki Wagon R doesn’t have an infotainment system but has a conventional audio system.


United Alpha is priced at Rs. 13,95,000 as it is a newcomer in the market, so the rates had to be impressive.

Suzuki Wagon R comes with a price tag of Rs. 17,30,000.

Now that you have a detailed comparison in front of you, you can decide for yourself which car suits you best. However, United Alpha is a very considerable car, given its advanced features and low cost.

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