Online Challan! Wear A Mask While Driving Or Pay a Fine

Ever since coronavirus has spread in the world, we are experiencing a new kind of normal that we weren’t used to before. Wearing masks and carrying a hand sanitizer is part of our routine now.

In a recent announcement, the Punjab Police has regulated a law that has made it a must to wear a mask while driving a car or riding a motorcycle or else there will be an online challan. The person who doesn’t abide by this rule shall have to pay a Rs. 300 fine. An online challan will also be issued if you don’t wear a mask after the first fine. It has been said, “Police are stopping, even if there is only one person in the car.”

Online Challan Payment

In today’s advanced world, the police is using online money transaction to receive challans. Hence, it is important for all drivers and riders to keep some money in their online cash transfer mobile accounts. If that’s not possible, the fine can also be paid through an ATM.

The report stated, “Through online payment, you can save yourself from further hassle and ensure the security of your vehicle documents.”

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Announcement by Punjab and Federal Government

The Federal and Provincial government made it compulsory for drivers, riders, and passengers to wear masks, as announced last month. While talking to media, Lahore Chief Traffic Police Officer (CTO) Syed Hammad Raza said, “eight teams have been appointed to keep a strict check and balance in Lahore.” The CTO also said, “Along with these teams, traffic wardens would also play their role in this regard.”

No one is allowed to enter police stations without wearing a mask.

These strict SOPs have come as a result of the rapid increase of coronavirus cases in Pakistan. As for now, there have been 223, 728 recorded cases and 4,592 deaths. We pray and hope that things settle down soon, so we can go back to our previous relaxed lifestyles. is your go-to resource for the latest auto news, tips, HOW-TOs, and vehicle comparisons. You can follow our social media accounts on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest to stay updated with news and updates. If you wish to decipher the world of automobiles, you have landed at the right place.

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