Why Are You Hearing Noises From Your Car Tyres Or Front Suspension?

Sometimes, you can hear faulty noises from you car tyres or front suspension. May be its consistent or you can hear it when you accelerate or turn. However, the sounds are actually warnings about any problem in the tyres or the front suspension.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common reasons that can cause these absurd noises.

1. Faulty shocker mounts

When the struts are damaged, the suspension fails. This results in the front tyres absorbing more heat on either the inward or the external part of the tyre. You might hear thumping sounds when driving over a bump.

2. Destroyed wheel calliper pins

The calliper pins control how the brake pad meets the rotor. You can hear a grinding sound and have issue stopping the car if the calliper pins are damaged or connected in a wrong way.

3. Damaged wheel bearings

Wheel bearings make the tyres able to rotate. Constant noise from the tyre can result from a faulty or ruined wheel bearing. These regular sounds start coming when the bearing are getting worn out.

4. Worn out tyres

Uneven or worn out tyre tread leads to squeaky sounds. The treads separate and come off the tyre after a considerable time of use. This can make turning and braking, a problem. That’s when you will hear the tyres screech.

5. Weak suspension

If your tyres are properly inflated, but still a noise is heard, the suspension may be having an issue. The region of problem is where the car sits lower. You may feel that the car is drifting when you turn. This is very dangerous as it shows that the suspension cannot keep the car in control, and it may lead to a roll-over.

Next time you hear some weird noises from your car tyres or suspension, it won’t take you long to figure out the possible reason. To make sure what is the problem and to get it fixed, take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible.

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